Adela Young Krazy Kutes/Mielkutė 6th Year
-"Doctor David Tennat? I love Tennat!."

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"Ugh, hey. I'm Adela. Just call me Adela. Only my friends are allowed to call me Del."
Adela Juliette Young

"Being myself Is what matters!"
General Information
Birth date October 10th
Birth place Poland
Ethnicity Polish, English
Accent Polish
Blood status Muggle-born
Physical Characteristics
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5.2
Weight 115
Magical Characteristics
Wand Walnut, Phoenix feather
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Spider Monkey
Boggart Herself, lost
Amortentia Vanilla Ice-cream, and Burnt wood
Loyalty The Krutes
School EESM
House Miekute
Occupation Barista/ Student


Adela is a character, she's charismatic, and charming. She's a closet nerd, so she doesn't fan girl that much. She's overly cautious and hardworking, making her look insecure about herself, while she is very confident in her ability to do anything. Adela is very artistic, she loves to paint and doodle in her spare time. She's not very nice if you be mean to her or her friends.

She's very shy, most of the time, she completely avoids saying anything to anyone. She's very approachable if you get her in one of her good moods, she is crazy, she believes that everyone insane in there own way, making her one of the crazy Kutes. She's very smart, and has a identic memory. She may seem fidgety, but she is just really energetic in general.


"My name is Adela, the crazy nerdy girl of the Krazy Krutes! But it's not like you know much about me. I was born in Poland, with my Queenly mother and my bratty triple sisters. Unlike them, my mother found out I was... umm... Not pefrect, so I was given away to a farmer in the next town."

"My life was hard, I worked hard constanstly, for 24 hours each day I picked tabbaco leaves off the bushes so that my adopted family could have something to eat, while my pretty little princess sisters sat down each day and didnt work. I dont think that my life wouldnt be so hard if I was brought up by my birth mother, who saw me once, as a dirty burnette at the age of 5."

"She regonized me not, so I went off to the market, not even realizing I meant my birth mother alongside of the road. I soon realized that was her, but I was too late, as she was long gone from my town. I lost my pride alot, realizing she didnt even want me!"

"Soon enough I did acciedenal magic, on the farm on special day in August. It was the day where I would usually run up to the fair and watch all of the floats come up, all of them where awesome for a poor 9 year to see. I triped, being bare-footed, it was pretty easy to trip. So I fell, and caught myself, luckily not in front of any muggles."

"I soon got my letter, and off I went to EESM, where I meet the Krazies! So that's my life story, take it or not,  but that's it."


About that name; it's supposed to be a pun on Mielkutė. Then again, we have more members that have names that start with the letter 'J' than members in Mielkutė but someone thought it would be 'cute' during our third year. The name stuck, but then again, the dorkier the name, the bigger likelihood of staying friends forever.
We started being friends around second year, I think, but we only gained all six of us during fifth, forming our own little group among all the others in the school, the one that nobody's ever heard of. The one group who has their own handshake, tokens and corny inside jokes all while talking about random shit all the time. If you think that's lame, well, you don't know what friendship is.
The Aces cause trouble. The Millionaires throw parties. We are the Krazy Kutės. We have fun by doing nothing of the sort. Our bond is so fantastic, we owe it to the universe to be friends.
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This character is a Krazy Kutė.