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Alicia is a second year Boyanova at EESM, by no means social and not the nicest person you could ever meet. She is mute, meaning she cannot speak, and because she refused to learn the alternative form of Legilimency she has to write her words down in a notebook.

Alicia is cliqueless and she couldn't give any less of a damn about it - she doesn't want to be seen as desperate for a clique which she isn't, she prefers to be alone and knows that others could perceive her as a loner - that's exactly what she is by choice and she will face up to that.

Most people, when they encounter her, she notes — by writing -'They think I'm older than I am, they think I'm the strong and silent type - that I choose to be silent. I don't, I have to be silent and I'm fine with that, because that's everything I've ever known, though sometimes I do wish I could be sarcastic with the fluctuation of the human voice.'

She is single and not looking, she's not feeling particularly ambitious. She thinks she needs someone who will understand that she can't speak and can't handle being invasive using Legilimency. She is also asexual which could contribute to this lack of romantic interest.


Alicia means noble and exalted.

Kadence means with rhythm.

Arabyov - unknown.

Alicia seems to like her name, although she admits she would have preferred Alice because it seems so much better to her.

She loves her middle name, it reflects the unseen wild child she has hidden within her.

She does wish she knew what her surname meant, and she's sure her parents got it wrong. She's sure it's supposed to be Arabyova.


Her birthday is October 16.

She was born in Moscow, Russia. Her parents, Eliza and Vladimir, are pure-blood, making her pure-blood.

She is Russian, and would, if she was not mute, speaks with a noticeable Russian accent.

She is (obviously) female.

She inherited her mother's features.

She stands at 127cm and weighs 3st 11 lb.

She is left handed.

Her patronus is a dove, for peace - peace, for Alicia, being interpreted as her silence.

Her first stepfather manifests as her boggart.

She smells honeywater when around amortentia.



Alicia Arabyov has not had the best of childhoods - indeed you could call it the childhood from hell. The parents, Elizaveta - an artist - and Vladimir - a Ministry worker, were delighted upon the birth of their long dreamt of child. But there was something wrong - Elizaveta had to be rushed to a Muggle hospital, and when the baby was born, no wailing came from the baby's mouth.

The Muggle doctors were concerned, although over time it became more and more clear that Alicia was mute. The parents were shocked - they had wanted a child that they could hear say their names, and although they pretended to be the archetypal proud parents, they were secretly furious. So,they decided that they would not count this child as theirs - she was born out of wedlock, and if their family ever found out they would be humiliated. So, they left a note, lying about her surname, with the baby wrapped in a cotton blanket on the doorstep of the nearby orphanage, explaining how she was mute - left unsigned.

It was not a Muggle orphanage, but the conditions there were terrible. The staff were easily irritated, and as Alicia grew up there they yelled and hit out at her more and more often every passing year. The security from the staff's rage in babyhood had now evaporated, leaving young Alicia more vulnerable than ever.

At the age of five she was sent to her first home - a 'kind' man, who turned out to only want her for image. Adopting a mute girl was such a kind, generous thing to do...if only people heard how much he beat her, but of course she couldn't cry out for help. She grew more and more sensitive and became easier to break. Eventually, he claimed to be unable to cope with such a 'snivelling fool.'

So she was sent packing to another family, at the age of seven to a woman in England. The international journey was a lot for her, but it was found out soon enough that the woman was using her as a servant, so she was moved back to Russia.

At the age of nine she found her current home, a nice enough couple. She, after a traumatic past, doesn't trust them, and is still waiting for them to do something that gets her moving once more. She showed her first magical signs and her foster parents were absolutely delighted, although how they felt about the matter meant nothing to her - it should have been her own true parents. She still hopes that one day they will come to take her away. She now attends EESM.


Alicia is a very sensitive young girl, but tries to hide her insecurities, often behind a sour expression.

She's very shy, not wanting to be around people - an intentional silent loner who prefers to be left to herself. The last time she let people into her life, they hurt her and abandoned her. Who said others won't do the same? Better to keep them out altogether.

She's also not very confident and easily intimidated, making her a bullying target. She has found out about her stillborn siblings - she knows her parents abandoned her and found gravestones. She didn't cry, because her parents didn't let her get any contact with them.

She is a depressed child and often experiences trauma due to her past. Sometimes she has panic attacks. She is a bit of a closed shell that refuses to let anybody whatsoever in. She also has a friendzone regardless, so being alone is not hard. She's too insignificant and timid for anyone to notice her. The damage done by her past is irreparable.


Alicia's wand is Ginkgo and Augurey feather, 11.5 inches.

Augurey - Augurey tail feathers of the Augurey or Irish phoenixes were once associated with powerful Dark wands. Their cries were thought to signify an upcoming death. However, they were in reality never a strong Dark core, and were more accurately a powerful core for Divination. Misunderstood students may find themselves bonded to an augurey wand, although these wands are altogether quite rare.

Ginkgo – This is a highly unusual wandwood, and is rarely seen in the West. For over a millennium, it competed with Plum as the most popular Chinese wandwood, however, as ginkgo trees ceased to be a wild species, their wood began losing favor. The commonly held perception that wild woods lead to stronger wands means that modern Ginkgo wands are fairly rare. This is not to say that Ginkgo is not a useful wandwood: it has great staying power, and is good for calming the tempers of both the cores of the wand and the wielder itself.

Emelia's shortness could merit a longer wand.

  • A lot of notebooks and pens
  • Assorted school books
  • Her wand
  • Shoulder bag for notebooks
  • Other clothes
  • Her cat, Alex
  • Other school equipment
  • A camera
  • Other school necessities
  • A supply of ink and parchment - extra.


Lila Grey

Alicia isn't too well acquainted with Lila, she does know that she is a mute like her, and it's nice to know that she isn't the only one.

"It's okay to not speak, writing and actions are better."

  • Her model is Jena Malone.
  • She is Asexual.
  • Her user godparent is Jorey.

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