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Eugenie Viktoria Engel is a fourth year Kask at EESM, even though she is a Quarter Veela she is not really approached often. She has the beauty, but also the arrogance, sarcasm and inflated ego, thinking herself to be like the Queen of the school. She prefers a small circle of friends because she deems them worthy of her gracious presence - i.e her closest friends Carmen, Frenchie and Carmen's twin Adrián.

Her clique is the Hexteria Girls, a group of many words and boasts - - the group who believe the world is their stage and that they are the most popular girls in the school. They're famed for being quite rich - but their theme song really is How To Be A Heartbreaker. This attitude earns them general hatred.

Most people, when they encounter her, she notes — "They see me walking down the corridor, and the crowd just parts for me." She loves to take advantage of the people although it often fails to work.

She's German and is currently not in a relationship - and is very picky with a 'If you want me, you catch me, and if you catch me you show me' attitude to love because she knows people want her mostly because she's so fabulous.


Eugenie is a variant of Eugenia.

Viktoria means victory.

Engel means angel.

Nie thinks her name has too many frills and sounds far too French - no offense to Frenchie - a French name suits her because she's French - but Nie is German and she fancies something more...German-er to represent her, but hasn't come up with a pretty enough alias for herself yet.

Viktoria - is her favourite piece of her name - victory. For her it represents how she feels she will always be the most popular, and will win every sass match placed before her. She loves to win, so this piece of her name happens to be the most symbolic.

Engel - Angel - she adores, it symbolises, she thinks, her perfection. Her radiance and beauty. It also represents her vanity, but she refuses to admit to such things, of course.

She often refers to herself as 'Victory's Angel' because it sounds awesome!


Her birthday is April 16, she would like it to be closer to the summer, that's why she invented her 'second birthday' July 16.

She was born in Soltau, Germany. Her parents, Ludwig and Monika, are half-veela and muggle, making her quarter veela.

She is German, and speaks with a light but noticeable German accent.

She is (obviously) female.

She inherited her mother's brown hair and her father's green eyes.

She stands at 132 and weighs 4st 1lb.

She is naturally left handed.

Her patronus is a unicorn, an object of beauty and grace.

Her boggart is loss of her beauty.

She smells roses and newly mown grass around amortentia.



Eugenie Viktoria Engel was born on April 9 to Monika Engel and her husband in Soltau, Germany, a town with its very own theme park. Her grandmother, a Veela, was born in a German Clan of Veela, and met a muggle man. With him, she had a daughter - Monika, who took her father's first surname instead of one of each parent's - and was exiled to Serbia. There was a clan there that accepted full and half Veela, and the twins' grandmother met two other Veela in similar situations to her while there - the grandmothers of Carmencita and Adrián Dragutinovic and Bénédicte Lécuyer, from Spain and France respectively.

Each of the half-veelas fell for Serbian muggle men and married them - getting away with it until those men were discovered to be criminals, her husband included, and all three were exiled back to their home countries, pregnant. They each took with them their husbands' wealth and gave birth to German Eugenie, Spanish Carmencita and Adrián, and French Bénédicte, respectively.


Nie is a real vain, self oriented girl with an uncontrollable lust for money and expensive items - and her doting mother can't wait to provide them. This life of plentiful presents and gifts because she asks for them, not because she deserves them, and everything being handed to her on a silver platter has made her rather arrogant and boastful.

Rather is actually an understatement. Everybody Loves Me is probably her mantra, when everybody hates me is probably closer to the truth. She is beautiful, but she struts around like Miss America or Miss Universe. She acts like she's queen of the world and that everyone else is just peasants supporting the thrones of her and her entourage/posse/friends Carmen and Frenchie, who are the only ones she considers worthy of her real smile and real friendship.

She can be a real bitch, loving to emphasise that everyone are all lower than them - the Hexteria - and that she is little miss perfection, something to be jealous of, blind to her inflated ego.


Carmencita Dragutinović

Carmen is one of the Hexteria, her two closest friends, the other popular girls. They both look down on people desperate to join their clique, knowing that them and Frenchie will always be the only ones worthy of a spot in the clique. Nie admires her optimism.

Bénédicte Lécuyer

Frenchie is one of the Hexteria, her two closest friends, the other popular girls. They both look down on people desperate to join their clique, knowing that them and Carmen will always be the only ones worthy of a spot in the clique. Nie admires her ability to just stab people in the back.

"You got the princess part right. But actually the name's Nie."

"One, we don't care. Two...we still don't care! Three, lo and behold, we don't give a damn, honey. Jetzt können wir alle werfen einen blutigen glücklich Freundeskreis - ja... ich glaube nicht, dass ich mich interessiere für die Idee."

"A little subdued today, huh? Did someone contaminated little vampy's blood store with tranquilizer?"

"I'm a messenger of truth, that is why I'm a bitch. Well, maybe I just enjoy doing it, but actually I'm lying. I would never be a messenger of truth. But you were out of tune. He knew I understood. You told me that you did not speak German. So I never told you I understood Catalan."

"Mutti already yelled at me for letting you take it; I mean I got a howler. That left a burn on my Prada bag. I am so not happy with that woman. But...Adrián! You know what they say! Twins never tell!"

"I suggest you pick the ones with the eyeshadow. Embrace your inner girl, Adrián, don't keep it locked away because you want your mii to look super manly."

  • Her model is Marzia Bisognin.
  • She is straight.
  • Her moral compass is True Neutral.
  • Her user godparent is Mione.