Lila Grey

"My name is Lila"- Her writing in her notebook
General Information
Birth date December 19th
Birth place Romania
Ethnicity Romanian
Accent Romanian (Would be, but she is mute)
Blood status Pure-blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Witch/Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 4.6
Weight 87
Magical Characteristics
Wand Pear, Veela hair
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Doe (would be)
Boggart To be normal
Amortentia Wet bark, blood, dead leaves
Loyalty The school
School EESM
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Occupation {{{occupation}}}

Lila Grey Mielkutė 1st year
-"I can't speak, but don't think of me as stupid."

She wrote something on a piece of paper, which stated, "Hi. I am Lila, and yes I am mute."


Lila was born in Romania to a happy couple, but they were surprised that Lila was mute. As a lil girl, she was constantly tried to be taught sigh-language which she hated. She had good hand-writing so she simply wrote on paper instead of using sigh-language.

Lila, for the years of "I pity you" type thing, wore her down. She absolutely despised it, she is a accomplished musician, she plays the flute and the drums. Also, she understands a lot of languages (like Russian, Romanian, German, Icelandic, Japanese, Italian and English). She also did accidental magic, but as a mere baby she did.

She currently is a first year at EESM


Lila is quiet, but very intelligent and smart. She is also slightly cunning and deceitful, but she tends not to be those thing. Lila is unusually calm in bad situations, cause they never seem to notice her so she doesn't take into consideration that they would notice her. Even if, they did notice her, she'll be gone. She disappears a lot, maybe cause she doesn't make noise while doing so. Lila is also quite talented, the main reason she is in Mielkutė.

Lila is social enough, but not really, she can be anti-social one moment and the next very social. Lila is cautious, and hates people who take pity on her for not being able to talk. She usually knows more then she's suppose to know about things, but she is a great secret keeper. She can keep a secret to her grave, if she must.

She doesn't really ease-drop on people, she is very weary of other girls, thinking that they think of her weak and bully her. She doesn't really have friends, she doesn't trust others enough to befriend them which is quite sad. Lila, although friendless can make friend although, truly but she doesn't give people the chance to prove there worth.


Lila has straight, watermelon smelling blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wears simple, but cute girl clothes. She has light blue eyes, but they are very bright. Lila loves wearing Wizarding and Muggle clothes, maybe a mix of the two. Lila has skin the color of the snow, but she tans, only cause of her dad's genetics let her tan.


Lillian & Jonathon GreyEdit

She loves her parents, she just feels that they are constantly looking down on her due to her being mute. She feels that all they want is a talking child, which she is not. She often feels lonely around them, being ignored as if she wasn't there child most of the time. She also feels dumb, and useless around her parents, as they don't really speak to her unless they want to lecture her.