This character is dead and so is no longer RPed.

Maryla Dzięcioł belongs to Kibeth

Maryla Jacquetta Dzięcioł

"Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal."
General Information
Birth date 29th March
Birth place Białystok, Poland
Ethnicity Polish/French
Accent French
Blood status Pure-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height -
Weight -
Magical Characteristics
Wand Rosewood, 8", Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Dolphin
Boggart Death
Amortentia WIP
Loyalty Nikelkaj, Ombrelune, France, Poland
School Eastern European School of Magic
House Nikelkaj
Occupation 5th Year
Name Etymology

Maryla: means obstinacy, rebelliousness or their rebellion

Jacquetta: means Yahweh may protect

Dzięcioł: Unknown


  • Mary


Maryla: Mah-ree-lah

Jacquetta: Jah-kah-tah

Dzięcioł: Dzeh-chohl

Quick Info

Maryla Jacquetta Dzięcioł was born to the pure-bloods Fryderyk Dzięcioł, Polsih President of Magic, and his wife Jacquetta Dzięcioł née Luxembourge on 29th March in Fryderyk's large house in Białystok, Poland. She attended Beauxbatons for her first four years, owing to her mother's ancestry, and was in Ombrelune. She has now transferred to EESM for her last 3 years of schooling, and is in Nikelkaj. Maryla is a descendent of Jacquetta of Luxembourg, a descendent of the water 'goddess' Melusine. Maryla was a late child, born when her parents were both in their forties and had almost given up on having a child.

Aged fifteen, she was out in Nebolshoy Mesto with on of her best friends - Alassëa Frejasdóttir. Her cousin, Celaena, had been asked to kill their entire clique, and so killed Maryla and Alassëa, later injuring Sorin Lupescu because she mistook him for his brother, Stelian, and accidentally hitting Kateryna Vrubel with her second knife. She also injured Carmencita Dragutinović because she stopped another knife from hitting Eugenie Engel, another target.


Maryla has brown hair, and brown eyes. That's all she wants you to know. Her model is Alexandra Dowling.


Maryla is, like her father, people-oriented. She is proud of her French roots, and was extremely upset when she transferred from Beauxbatons, but she gathers that she will survive her last year. Some people view her as stuck-up, but she prefers the term well-bred.





  • Her face claim is Alexandra Dowling, who was in Game of Thrones, Merlin and the Musketeers.
  • She is based slightly on Margaret d'Anjou (as portrayed in Philippa Gregory's 'The Cousins' War' Series) in character