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Paskal Balekov is RPed by Red.
Паскал Христофор Балеков is a sixth year student at the Eastern European School of Magic.
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Паскал Балеков
Sixth Year, Vorobyov
Vital Statistics
March 18
Aleksandar Balekov (father)

Janina Balekov (mother)

Lilyana Balekov (sister)
Name Pronunciation
PAS-cal HRI-stoh-ferr BA-leh-kov
Eye Color
Hair Color
Magical Characteristics
Blood Status


"I have blue eyes, but that isn't noticeable from afar. I believe you can see what color my hair is. If I were prone to use sarcasm I'd tell you it was the color green. I am fairly taller than most other people my age, and I like using that to my advantage. I don't smile often, but please don't call me out on 'brooding' when I obviously am not. Satisfied?"


"Bulgarian father named Aleksandar, German mother named Janina. The two of them met while attending this very school, started dating at the young age of fourteen and were on-again-off-again. I've only heard stories of their relationship from my uncles and aunts but even I know that it was just a bomb waiting to explode. It was destructive. Neither of them benefitted from the relationship, but they got married anyway having both me and Lilyana a few years after. I grew accustomed to the sound of breaking things and shouting around the house, and luckily enough by the age of seven they got a divorce. My mother and Lilyana live in Germany where she currently attends Durmstrang, while I remained in Bulgaria with my father. My little sister claims that my mother is currently a strumpet, sleeping with any man who will have her. However, I got the better parent as Aleksandar has met a decent woman named Albena and they are currently in a relationship. His current state of happiness has done nothing to change my opinion on the silly notion that is love because from what I understand it is a destructive thing that brings out the worst in people.

"Like most other magical children, I experienced signs of accidental magic which included turning my sister's hair a really pale blonde color. My father offered to change it back for her but she seems to like it as apparently she looks more beautiful and that'll raise her chances of marrying a prince and wearing a tiara. My sister is a good person, but sometimes she is completely hopeless. I got accepted into Slavic at the age of eleven. I went to Gregorovitch to get my wands, and I am fairly average in everything I do aside from Potions in which I believe I am superior compared to my classmates. I do not have much friends but I do have a social life. First year went fine. Second year went fine. Third year went fine. Fourth year went fine. Do you really need to know any more aside from that? I am currently sixteen years old and based on this I'm sure you know year this makes me now. (Sixth, just in case you're too stupid to figure that out.)"

Personality and Traits

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Paskal is easily irritated by a lot of things, so if he ever smiles at you or talks to you willingly you can consider it an accomplishment. He cares about himself more than anything else in the world, because his life hasn't proved to him that there's anything special about love or family or friendship. He looks at life like it's a book, always classifying everything as either this TV Trope or that TV Trope. He's a big fan of staying indoors, using the computer and sleeping. Surprisingly, he's a rather good Quidditch player. He isn't a big fan of change, and prefers sticking to the norm.

Talk Bubble

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Paskal Balekov Vorobyov, 7th Year • Bulgaria
-"Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." ~Mark Twain

 09:55, March 15, 2014 (UTC)

He isn't looking up from his book. "..."

Skills and Magical Abilities

Paskal is adept at Potions, and by default Herbology but only if the plant they're studying is a Potions ingredient. He isn't very good at wandwork, however is superb when flying a broom.






*His favorite candy is Chocolate Frogs and by now has perfected getting it to jump into his mouth.
*He only listens to Classical Music.
*He likes writing in capital letters only.
*His favorite book is Catcher in the Rye.
*It annoys him that his patronus is a turtle, but he's learning to deal with it because apparently it's a part of who he is and it shouldn't annoy him this much.
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