Reveka Blagorodna Wojciechowski
Weapon-Smith • Vorobyov Alumni
This character is roleplayed by Kira
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.
- Ivy Baker Priest

Reveka Wojciechowski
-Weapon-Smith • Vorobyov Alumni

 – "It's like a peasant uprising ."

Што ви е потребно? Јас може да направи работи што може само да сонуваат.

What do you need? I can make things you could only dream of.

Quick InfoEdit

Reveka W
Biographical Information
Birth date October 23rd
Birthplace Kočani, Macedonia
Ethnicity Macedonian/Polish
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 170cm
Magical Characteristics
Wand Beech, Chimera scale
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
(Left Dominant)
Patronus Lynx
Boggart Dajza being tortured
Amortentia Thyme - Blueberry
Loyalty Dajza and Denys
School EESM
House Vorobyov
Occupation Weapon-Smith


Silvester Veselin Wojciechowski and Isidora Angel Resnik still live as enemies, the way they did as neighbors, children, and classmates. They are not in love, they may never have been, and they are not a happy family. Although, they are mine. Silvester is my татко and Isidora is my мајка, they met when they were young. When татко was a little boy he met the little girl next door. My мајка. The Mlekuc, and Wojiechowski family decided their children were going to be married. The arrangement was made, and it was fulfilled. I have never lived with both my родители, ever. татко and мајка live in separate countries. Macedonia, and Poland.

Early LifeEdit

I was born on October the 23rd, and before I came along мајка was all alone. She told me she didn't want to tell татко that I lived. She wanted to tell him I died, she hoped it would keep him from coming back to Macedonia. That if he believed they failed to create a child he would give up on their marriage.

EESM LifeEdit

When I started at EESM the first person I met was the secretively social Chamois, Dajza Dervishi. Her name isn't even Dajza it's something crazy Engjëllushe. Dajza Dervishi sounds so much better. We aren't even in the same house but we became friends right away. She is inspirational, she always seems so carefree to me. I sometimes think that she resists negativity, like oil resists water.

Later LifeEdit

Daj, Deny and I are still very much attached at the hip. The three of us live together, Daj and Deny in one room, myself in the other. We bought an apartment together after graduation. Three rooms, one for each of us. Deny and Daj were spending a lot more time together since I am always focused on my metal-work. They never bought into the stuff everyone else said about them, until one night. The three of us were goofing around, up way too late, and drunk. All of the best of my memories of us start the way.


I should be defined by my capacity for violence, my exceptionality, and my pragmatism. I am as practical as they come. This coupled with my independent nature some think is what makes me a formidable force to be reckoned with. I analyse a situation, I never let my emotions dictate the terms to which I will accept. I go ahead, and I get what I want. My life is full of promise and potential.
I am an ambitious individual, my aims in life are big. I trust myself, and I never let anyone make me question what I know about me. I am, or can be calm, and I enjoy life as it unfolds. I tend to be experimental in life, and I like trying out new ideas. I despise monotony in life, and I always look to change stagnant things that have been the same for too long. In spite of my restlessness, I remain ever focused, and determined towards my goals.


My hair is dark, very, very dark brown. It is commonly mistaken for black. I have brown eyes, they are almond shaped. They are the perfect tool to express my love or my hatred. My skin is fair, I have a small splash of freckles all over my face. The most easily noticed is are the ones on my nose.

Magical abilities and skillsEdit

Charms, Transfiguration and Dark Magic
I am most skilled with Charms, my father works as a Metal-charmer in Poland he taught me everything I know. I enjoy Transfiguration because of the wide variety of thing that can be done with the knowledge. Dark Magic is my true love, nothing in the world can compare.
My first act of magic was a summoning spell. татко yelled at me for playing with some of the new knives he made. He told me to sit still and keep quite. I would have done the opposite but he promised me a knife if I behaved. I sat down, thinking about how much I still wanted to play. One of the knives came flying right toward me, it cut right though my hand.



Ilarion Tihomir Resnik (дедо/Grandfather)
Nikolina Zoja Cižek † (баба/Grandmother)
Silvester Veselin Wojciechowski (татко/Father)
Isidora Angel Resnik (мајка/Mother)

Friends and AcquaintancesEdit

Dajza Dervishi
Denys Mazur


Reveka is a Hebrew name, a variation of the name Rebecca. It means to "tie, bind, snap or snare".
Blagorodna Благородна (Macedonian, Bulgarian) means "noble" in Macedonian and Bulgarian.
Wojciechowski is a Polish surname it literally means "one from Wojciechy" (or Wojciechow or Wojciechowo).


Macedonian Vergina SilverSun Pendant
Hand-beaded Polish Folk Earrings
Carsija Old Town Throw Blanket
Polish Eagle Signet Ring
Macedonian Knit Bag
Amber Bracelet