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Shannon is a fourth year Mielkutė. She is a reporter for the school newspaper and works on it with good friends and roommates, Kat, and Loosh.

Shannon got her name from the Irish river, she often thinks it links her to the British Isles. She doesn't realise that it isn't part of the UK and nobody really wants to discourage her.

If there was an award for most complex boggart she would get it for sure. 'Failing at saving herself from falling off a high cliff in the dark, landing in a vat of acid and dying after breaking her neck, afterwards being eaten by vicious spiders and snakes, being pushed by Brenna.' She's scared of heights, the dark, failure, chemicals, death, spiders, Brenna, and snakes. It's a mishmash of all her fears. Very scary.

Her family life is chaotic due to the constant feud, and Shan finds herself needing to lean on Kat and Loosh more and more, keeping up a façade so most people don't notice how disturbed she gets.


Shannon ("wise river") is an Irish unisex name from the name of the River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland. Alternative spellings include Shannen, Shanon, Shannan, Seanan, and Siannon.

Grace means - with sophistication.

Kentwell means 'well in Kent'

Shannon wishes that her name sounded a bit more sophisticated, and unique.

She will change her name when she gets married to escape the past.

The name connects her to Chiara and Brenna, she just wants to break away.


Her birthday is February 10, she loves it because it's her birthday but hates the rain that usually comes.

She was born in Vienna, Austria. Her parents, Chiara and Leo, are Pure-Blood, making her pure blood.

She is British/Austrian, and speaks with a prominent British accent.

She is female.

She inherited her mother's hair and her aunt's eyes, which she despises.

She stands at 152cm and weighs 5st.

She is naturally right handed.

Her patronus is an eagle.

Her boggart is 'Failing at saving herself from falling off a high cliff in the dark, landing in a vat of acid and dying after breaking her neck, afterwards being eaten by vicious spiders and snakes, being pushed by Brenna.'

She smells mint ice cream when around amortentia.



Chiara was a young woman when she met Englishman Leo Kentwell in Vienna, Austria. He made an excellent first impression, first impressions being something that had meant a lot to Chiara for many years. He took her out to a pasta bar as a small treat, as Chiara had looked rather weary when he encountered her, and the two conversed over dinner.

Leo was surprised, in a good way, about how pleasant Chiara was, after growing up with Alice, his rather cynical mother. They both talked about their home countries, and eventually convinced Leo to stay in Austria because he passed the citizenship test - he had been planning on going home for a while before moving to Vienna permanently.

Since Chiara was from an influential Austrian family, and lived in a house with many, many rooms to spare, she offered Leo housing at her home, because he couldn't find a house he liked in the area. He accepted, telling her how much he appreciated her generosity and thanking her.

A few months later Chiara announced her pregnancy. Leo was thrilled for his girlfriend, and he knew he was the father. He began to doubt his confidence, slowly. What if he wasn't a good father? Chiara assured her he would be. They got married, and had their honeymoon in Ireland.

They went sightseeing and had a interest in the river. They asked for its name. "Aye, it's the river Shannon." replied the tour guide. The baby kicked. "That's it. The baby likes it." Chiara had made her decision already.

But Chiara's sister Brenna wanted to turn the child to her own ways of sadism and darkness, so she began interfering where she wasn't welcome and making sure to make Chiara's life as inconvenient as possible, as illicitly as possible.

Shannon strayed to middle ground, staying equidistant from the values of her mother and aunt not really wanting to conform to either standard, causing her to become closer to her father, who cared about who Shannon wanted to be rather than any predetermined way, than either woman.


Shannon is not exactly Miss Popularity, but she has a fair few friends, most of whom grow very close to her. She is an intelligent person but despises brick solid answers and prefers things with at least a little leeway. She has Non-Verbal Learning disorder and can be overly chatty and annoying, and gets stressed about deadlines and expectations as she fears failure. She also fears ghosts, the dark, chemicals and spiders as well as snakes.

She is, most of the time, very happy and smiling, ceaselessly talking. When she has her dark days she is quiet, depressive and that is how the brief depressive. She is sensitive and a huge pessimist, covering it with her hyperactivity. She is an avid anime fan, shipper and writer.

She also is not very secure on her feet - hating exercise and preferring relaxing, due to her diplegia.

​She' s usually a bit of your shining angel, knowing the way she needs to go. In the face of someone who has threatened her or her friends/family who she is devoted to she can turn into a soldier of sorts, relentlessly trying to keep them away whatever the cost, she wants to keep them safe because they're her everything. If it gets her sent to hell then so be it.

She wants to live her life cause you only get one and surviving is boring


Shannon's wand is Ash and Phoenix Feather, 9 inches.

Phoenix tail feather is a popular wand core due to its versatility and power. Its main strength lies in Defense Against the Dark Arts, although its adaptability can wrench it to hexes and jinxes if need be. As with the Dragon Heartstring core, the phoenix core is common amongst Light Wizards, but its users are not necessarily Light Wizards. This core may specifically impede Dark spells.

The Ash wand is an excellent wood for promoting brain power, aids in communication, intelligence, wisdom, and promotes curiosity. Use this wood to remove mental blockages and aid in the promotion of word use and understanding. It is the wood of the writer, poet, and scholar. Promotes spiritual love and health. Protects against unwanted change. Brings balance to the mind. It is said that warts rubbed on the bark will be absorbed into the tree. Ash is slightly associated with the Dark Arts, as the ash tree is said to ‘strangle’ the plants around it. It does excel at Dark magic, but is also good for Transfiguration. They also tend to bond to good Diviners.

Shannon's shortness could merit a longer wand.

  • Plenty of assorted sweets
  • Assorted school books
  • Her wand
  • A set of chess pieces
  • Other clothes
  • Her cat,
  • Her owl,
  • Other school equipment
  • Various pranking items
  • Loom bands
  • Top trumps
  • A safe to keep her mobey in
  • A camera
  • Her iPhone
  • A picture of Simon
  • Other school necessities
  • A supply of muggle chocolates


Kateryna Vrubel

Kat is family to Shan, she knows she can count on her and Loosh. Knowing that Kat understands her situation with Brenna comforts her, having your own mother feel that path is the right one must hurt. Shan knows she can count on her Best Freaking Friends Freaking Ever to stay by her side.

Lucia D'Ambrosio

Loosh is family to Shan, having another sister to lean on. Knowing that Loosh cares and wants to help her situation with Brenna comforts her, even if she might not have the same experience. Shan knows she can count on her Best Freaking Friends Freaking Ever to stay by her side.

Simon Mikaelsson

Chiara Kentwell

Chiara is a conflict for her. She spends too much time working in Shannon's opinion but she will still do anything it takes to protect her, even if she claims to not need protecting because she knows she does. Chiara can be too restrictive which probably contributed to Shan's increased closeness to Leo.

Brenna Amory

The only person she feels true hatred for, Brenna is Shannon's aunt. Brenna is insistent on trying to take Shannon away but, she would rather die than go with her. She's the only member of the family she is ashamed of being related to, being related to the #1 most wanted witch in Russia and Austria is not anything to be proud of. She doesn't want people to expect her to turn out like Brenna so she tends to conceal the relation. She's terrified of becoming like her but at the same time doesn't want to force herself to walk the line her mother wants.

"Just drop it! I'm not your Ministry informant, it's not my fucking responsibility okay? Nor is it Kat or Loosh's. If I find you questioned them I will be absolutely mad. And if I hear you compare me to that bitch again I will slap you like I slapped her."

"You don't seem to be too bothered by the idea of that. If I were anything like you, you would be dead. Be glad I'm not. Now get out."

"This is cracking me up even more than you pretending to be me and walking round sexily."

"And the eyeflash is mine, copyright."

  • Her model is Shailene Woodley, aka most perfect of beings.
  • She is straight.
  • Her moral compass is True Neutral. Not innocent enough for her mother, nor evil enough for her aunt.
  • Her user godparent is Lissy.