Stelian Lupescu
This character was created by Belle

We both know it never has to end
Born June 2nd
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Wand Pine, Hippogriff feather
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Wolf
Boggart Being in forgotten

Stelian T. Lupescu was born to Aurora Dragomir and Cezar Lupescu, he is the fourth child in the family, and the second son. He is a wizard, a triplet, and a student of EESM. He is in Nikelkaj.


The Lupescu family welcomed Stelian, in addition to his two brothers Ștefan, and Sorin on the 2nd, and 3rd of June at 11:52pm, 11:55pm, and 12:12am respectively. The mother and father of the Lupescu boys Aurora and Cezar were living in Vicovu de Sus, Suceava when the boys were born. The Lupescu have three other handfuls in combination with the boys, Dreea, the eldest daughter, Magda, the youngest daughter, and Traian the youngest boy. Aurora always wanted a big family, one very much like her own, she has seven brothers, and seven sisters. Ștefan is the third child, and Sorin is the fifth.

Dreea, and Magda have lived very different lives than the boys have. Aurora and Cezar were struggling to keep their family financially stable before either of the girls were born, twice their "hand to mouth" lives were rocked by these unexpected blessings in the form of small children, little people to provide for. Aurora and Cezar quickly worked out a routine, they figured out a way to make the most money they could in one day, and how to not waste it all in one night. Dreea may have been a shock they didn't think they could recover from, but Madga was a piece of cake. Once she was born they were already well into an established routine that Dreea was a part of.

Once the boys were born Cezar and Aurora were already well into an established routine that Dreea, and Magda was a part of. The eldest daughters of the Lupescu family are very, very special. Dreea is a werewolf, Pure born, and Magda is a Metamorphmagus. Stelian Tiberiu Lupescu was born three minutes after his elder brother Ștefan, and seventeen minutes before his younger brother Sorin. Stelian, and his sister Magda appear to have the best relationship of all the Lupescu children, including his brothers. Magda is a Metamorphmagus, Stelian has witnessed, been the cause of, and heavily influenced her change in appearance to further benefit himself, and the family. Magda was taught to make a living for herself, and the family as a swindler. She has over time began working with her brother Stelian, and random people who have no idea they are involved. Their parents know that what Madga does is dangerous, and they only allow her to do these illicit activities with Stelian because they cannot stop her, and the hope she is safer with him.

Stelian Lupescu
Full Name Stelian Tiberiu Lupescu
Pronunciation stEE lee uhn
Nicknames Stel, Steli

Stelian is the Romanian form of Sylianos. Derived from Greek στυλος (stylos) meaning "pillar".

Tiberiu Romanian form of Tiberius. Roman praenomen, or given name, meaning "of the Tiber" in Latin.

Lupescu is a Romanian surname. From the Romanian lup, which means "wolf".

Ethnicity Romanian/Serbian
Native Language Romanian
Languages Spoken Romanian, Serbian, English
Accent Romanian
Hometown Vicovu de Sus, Suceava
Type of Childhood Average
Earliest Memory Dreea becoming a werewolf
Childhood fear Enosiophobia or Enissophobia- Fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.

Likes Reputation
Dislikes Unhygienic accommodations
Handedness Left
Clothing Style Fitted Modern
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Birthstone: Emerald
Birth flower: Rose
Pet Galați Roller' (Domestic Pigeon); Grigore

Favorite Drink: Vişinată
Favorite Sweet: Baklava
Favorite Scent: Chamomile - Cordon bleu şniţel - Welted thistle
Favorite Song: Die Young Live Forever by WE THE KINGS
Phobia Atelophobia- Fear of imperfection.
Hobbies Architecture, Fencing, Rowing and canoeing
Comfort Food(s) Cordon bleu şniţel - Piftie - Sarmale
Vices Decadence - Hubris
Secrets He despises Fane's wildness
Person He Secretly Admires Mary
Fryderyk Dzięcioł
Most Influenced By Mik
Immediate Goals Prove Fane wrong
Long Term Goals Master the Dark Arts

Physical appearanceEdit

Stelian, and his brothers Fane, and Sorin are identical. They all have brown hair, fair skin, and very expressive dark brown eyes. Stelian is the most handsome, in his opinion. He is always dressed to impress, usually in a very respectable, yet understated suit. Stelian can be told apart from his brothers because of his desire to always, always be fitted, and his tendency to wear glasses. He sleeps in what he calls a night suit, a hand-sewn matching set of a silk night shirt, and pants.


You know they'll never change, they won't forget our names
Stelian has an uncanny ability to say anything, and make it sound like it is damn near the truth. He believes it, and it tends to be hard for other people not to. So nauseatingly arrogant, and self-confident most people dislike him right off the bat. If they have not already been blinded by his charms. Stelian Lupescu wants to be known, and remembered for his talents blood-born or learned. He does not want to, or desire at all any negative attention to himself. Having not one but two people who share his physical description he does not receive much. His greatest fear is being forgotten. He does not want to disappear. He is very unlike his older brother Fane, and younger brother Sorin. Stelian has a desire, and overwhelming ambition for reputation, he wants to be recognized. He lives to and loves to be seen. And despite the fact the he sees everyone as a pawn, a mark in his long con. He is not uninterested in the feelings of other people around him.


Father Cezar Lupescu Mother Aurora Dragomir Lupescu
Sisters Dreea and Magda Lupescu Brothers Sorin and Fane Lupescu

Mik - Mik is Stelian's best friend. Before that he could only ever say that about his Magdga, and she is his sister.

Rik - Rikard is Mik's friend first but the trio shares a room. Being that Stelian or "Stik" is a triplet that action speaks louder than words.

Bianka - Bianka is Fane's lady friend, Stelian introduced them after he recognized her as a Lupescu kind of girl.

Lassea - Lassea is a girl who is not Stelian's friend but he would like to be able to call her that, or more.

Anne - Anne was the former co-leader of the Millionaire's Club. When she put him on trial he lost respect for her.

Mary - Miss Mary is the Minister's daughter, Stelian idolizes her. If he knew someone royal he would compare them to her.

Kat - Kat is unfortunately Mik's sister which in some ways means that she is like a sister to him. Sort of.


Invisibility Cloak

Moroccan Hooded Cloak

Romani Gold Coin Necklace

Romani Instant Darkness Powder

Brewing Equipment

Quills and Parchment

Сазнајте Магиц Брзо са Квикспелл

Royal Romanian Romania WW2 Dagger